First Aid to the Injured is an androgynous basic wear line embracing a strong, monochrome vibe striving for an easy, relaxed everyday look.

The silhouette of First Aid to the Injured is somewhat minimalistic with its clean lines – but the underlying details found in each piece leave plenty to explore for the wandering eye. Slightly biased hems, special stitch-finishing and unexpected shapes put alongside a graphic and controversial printing universe makes the garments easy to pair with existing wardrobe favorites longing for a breath of fresh air.

The monotone colour palette takes off in the classic, yet dark colours of black, grays and off- whites that go well with all other colours leaving space for what is really important in the personal styling.

The primary foundation of First Aid to the Injured is the passion to add new life to the already existing via an effortless and comfortable element. First Aid to the Injured is simply lifesaving basic wear.

As an extra dimension to the brand the long-termed aim is not only to provide aid to “suffering wardrobes”, but to actually make a difference for people in real need. That is why a part of the profit of each sold garment will go to various projects around the globe doing just that; helping people in need.